Are ali and niall horan dating

12 Jul

' She wrote back saying she would love to," explained Horan, who noted that country music isn't "dissimilar" from what he listened to as a lad in in Mullingar, Ireland. "Don't expect Morris to join the boys' "rap rivalry," either."I would be equally horrible," she told E!

"I was blown away by that, having just seen her smash it at the Grammys, win a Grammy and perform at the Grammys," the 24-year-old singer continued. "That's the rumor we've just started."Speaking of rumors, Horan wanted to set the record straight about his "rap rivalry" with One Direction's Louis Tomlinson. "There's just no better time to start learning how to rap than the Country Music Awards," she joked. News, "so I will not add anything great to that at all!

He then went on to mega stardom thanks to his time in One Direction.

LIAM Payne has enjoyed a successful career since his rise to fame - and now he's a dad to son Bear. Liam made his debut as a singer when he auditioned for the the X Factor in 2008.

"I was just very happy with that."Wednesday marked Horan's first time attending the annual award show. We've got the location, the date, the guest list—kind of—and I've got the groom! "So, that's the most important part."Luckly, the 27-year-old singer, who announced her engagement in July, is anything but a bridezilla. "We just have the fans convinced that we can all rap, and we're going along with it," he said, referring to their tweets.

"We're here for the first time performing it, at the biggest night in country music, so it's exciting," he said, adding, "The more time I've spent in the States over the last six, seven years, the more I've figured out how much I love the country scene and what's going on here. News also talked to Morris about her upcoming wedding to Ryan Hurd. "I'm not like a very stuffy person, and I actually get really bored just sitting down for hours and hours. "I cannot rap at all, but for some reason, people don't understand our sarcasm and they actually think that we're going to start having rap battles now.

He shot to fame as a member of the global boyband phenomenon One Direction.

Liam James Payne, 24, was born August 29, 1993 and is an English singer and songwriter.